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Those were the Days my friend.........
Here is how it all began..
....the first bulldogs were pets
but as the interest  grew
so the bulldogs  became
a way of life
Here Ellen proudly
an early Aldridge 'baby'!!
Ch. Advent Gold went on to achieve great wins... At   CRUFTS............
At home after a most exciting weekend at Richmond 1976
Ch. Aldridge Advent Gold and Ch. Aldridge Ardent Miss after taking the Dog and Bitch C.C.s the Group and BEST IN SHOW  Dora Wakefield [Outdoors] was the  Bulldog Judge.
Advent Gold and Ardent Miss did the double many times!
Ch.Aldridge Anenome  CCwinner and
   Best Of Breed.....and winner of the
          Utilty  Group   at Crufts.
This is Crufts Centenary...1991          . Judge Anita Westlake,
Bitch CC and Best of Breed was
              Champion Aldridge Avita