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Introducing..........Leslie   [Dr.]   Cotton
 who with his wife  Ellen produced 
some of  the most famous 
winning Bulldogs in Great Britain.
 They bred 9  champions of their own 
and  at last count their dogs 
have sired over 60  champions 
both here and abroad.......
They can proudly boast there is not a pedigree
 in the Uk that will not have their dogs
 in the background........
....truly the worlds source of  THE BULLDOG!!!!
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Les  showing 'Champion Aldridge Avita 'at the
      Bulldog Of The Year Show
Ellen      judging bulldogs ................and below her other  role chief puppy rearer!
Famous  Dogs.........
Perhaps the most famous  sire of all time..........
.....................Champion Aldridge Advent Gold
One Of the Foundation bitches  ....Ch.Aldridge Aphrodite
Aldridge Adventuress 1968
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Aldridge Ardent Miss,Advent Gold's sister!
look at her head and jaw! !!
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remembering our friends in the USA
This page was last updated on: 11/16/2020
        Someone mentioned you today and your dogs so I thought I would pay a visit and open up the site ,so the update changed , how I wish I could add some more Aldridge News I Miss you both very much  ! I read the guest book and see some are still getting pleasure from the photos we had fun putting on here ,it was my first attempt at a website and although its not too clever I hope it stays online as it is a little bit of our history together  we loved choosing the music each page  has a song  to suit ! 
May 8th 2019 , thoughts turned today to you,all I learnt from you, you will never be forgotten while I can keep this up on the www.
Vicky xx

Ellen In her Role as President Of The Birmingham and Midland Counties Bulldog Club Thanks Mrs Lilian Tiffany  from the USA for Judging their Show in March 2004.
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A great loss to the world of Bulldogs,he will never be forgotten by all of us who knew and respected him ,I thank him for the many hours we worked together  on this website ,I know it gives great pleasure to many researching  pedigrees,
he will always be in my heart ,
Rest in Peace Les and  Goodbye from your  mate    Vicky 

Leslie Cotton 14.5.28 to 28.12.04

.Ellen is not too well at present June 2006 please send you good wishes to  her 
Aldridge Albany  sadly now deceased  ,at 10 years old. RIP Peter  
Webmasters get all the fun !!
June 2006
 More Aldridge Dogs  from the same litter 
HHere Is Aldridge Aureka   [ Charlie ,Albany's brother ]
He went Best Veteran at Crufts and Also at the London Bulldog Society Championship Show
owned by Frances and Mike 

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Ellen Cotton pased away   on Friday 24th February 2012 

   Leslie Cotton,on December 28th 2004 

We celebrate Your Bulldogs still on here and behind many bulldogs in the back pedigree of many of todays dogs 
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